Fresss hortofrutícola

About Us

Hortofrutícola Fresss, located in El Ejido (Almería – Spain), is a leading fruit and vegetable company. Founded in 2007, the company comprises a team of professionals boasting more than 30 years of experience in the industry—ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

At Fresss we pride ourselves in distributing a high-quality product and offering unbeatable service to large distribution chains that over the years have relied on us.

Fully guaranteed

At Fresss we aim to offer our customers total guarantees, which is why we take care of all aspects related to quality, food safety and product traceability.

All our processes are designed so that the product arrives to the final consumer in ideal conditions. Therefore, we do not only meet the requirements imposed by regulations and the strictest quality protocols, but we also have the latest IFS certification and strive to stay constantly up-to-date. This contributes to consolidate our relationship of trust with our clients.

Preserving our environment

As part of our sustainability plan and in keeping our commitment to society, we are strongly committed to protecting the environment, which entails an efficient and responsible use of business-related resources.

In order to offer a personalised service, our modern facilities are equipped to furnish different types of packaging formats, which allows us to provide to our customers various solutions, according to their needs.

Leading own brands in the industry

Thanks to our strong identity, Fresss has established several own brands widely recognised in the sector as leading, high-
quality brands. Since our beginnings, we stand out for maintaining a constant spirit of improvement and a commitment to innovation.